Traveling Tohoshinki

I can’t deny that one of some reason that I want to go to Japan so bad is because of Tohoshinki. And honestly, me and my travelmates knew each other because of Tohoshinki πŸ™‚

What is Tohoshinki? Tohoshinki or TVXQ or DBSK is a vocal group from South Korea. They’ve been active since 2003, and i started liking them since 2010. I know some people might judge me for liking a boyband. Judge me all you want, but they means a lot to me πŸ™‚

Even though they are from S. Korea, but they are considered big name in Japan. Well actually it’s an understatement. Tohoshinki is HUGE in Japan. For example, they filled Nissan Stadium that has capacity of 300,000 seats for their concert.

So here’s a glimpse of our journey to β€˜find’ Tohoshinki in Japan:

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